Lucky Strike is a trusted Ethereum DApp:
Affiliate program
Revolutionary gambling.
One-of-a-kind ICO.
100% ready
Join a team that’s invested their own money to build and launch an ICO set to grow quickly, not to develop slowly.
Private sale round is finished!
A number of private investors entrusted their money and purchased 43.3% of the tokens. All the proceeds are to be used for players acquisition and product development.
The chance for instant returns
With every investment comes a bonus bet which can multiply your ETH instantly while your Lucky Strike Tokens (LST) stay yours. Over 70% of ICO investments will be paid out as winnings to ICO investors.
Every bet & investment adds Lucky Strike Token value
Every bet made by every player accumulates ETH profit to your LST. That’s why LST always grow in value and you can always sell at no less than the amount of ETH accumulated.
Investments can turn into Jackpots
You not only have the chance to instantly win more than you’ve invested, every investment builds the Jackpots to attract more players. And yes, every Jackpot is yours to win.
Unique way to invest
Calculated risk reward
Most tokens are backed by nothing but promises.
Lucky Strike Tokens is backed by Ethereum.
Avg. daily players
To make it happened our affiliates will get ETH
One bet — infinite chances
Only with Lucky Strike
After your first bet you get to stay in the game forever. Everyday there is at least one Jackpot until the end of time.
Investment distribution
of every investment
becomes a bet.
goes into marketing.
Instant Game
Daily Jackpot
Weekly Jackpot
Monthly Jackpot
Annual Jackpot
Keeping it rolling.
4,500 ETH / 30,000,000 LST
0.00015 ETH per LST
80% of raised ETH becomes a bet – you can win right away or in any furture Jackpot.
20% of raised ETH is used for marketing to increase the number of players, and thus dividends and token value.
for ICO
private sale
for team
ICO Token Supply
30,000,000 LST will be sold during the ICO.
43,400,000 LST sold to early investors at private sale stage.
26,600,000 LST are issued to the team motivating an increase in profits and token value.
Dividends reinvented
Every bet increases token value. LST accumulates value infinitely and you can liquify anytime you want:
Lucky Strike commission is 1% of every bet. After sharing revenue with affiliates, we distribute this commission among all token holders pro rata by adding ETH value to your tokens.
It’s easy to sell when you want, if you want. Just know, the price of your tokens will always be higher than the value of ETH your tokens have accumulated.
When you convert LST to ETH, you give up your LST while those who hold continue earning more pro rata from every next bet.
When you hold, you make more and more as less and less LST is available. The velocity of your return only increases.
We know how to market gambling
Major advertising platforms do not allow gambling advertising. That’s why affiliate partners are crucial. So we pay the industry’s highest 50% share of revenue for bets placed by players attracted via a partner. Details
The fear of “shaving”
was a major pain
Before, gambling platforms could easily trick affiliates by deleting records about parts of bets. Smart contracts put this to an end!
Smart contracts are a revolutionary relief
A fully automated, absolutely transparent smart contract based affiliate program attracts partners who attract thousands of players every day that increase LST value.
Most products fail because they can’t get traction. Our marketing budget has been committed for use, guaranteeing the best affiliates accrue revenue straight off the launch of a never-ending partnership.
4 500 ETH
Most products fail because they can’t get traction. A 4 500 ETH marketing budget will be used to guarantee the best affiliates accrue revenue from the very beginning of a never-ending partnership.
Source code
doesn’t lie
Every Lucky Strike ICO statement is more than just words and numbers. It’s hardwired into our Smart Contract and distributed in the Ethereum Blockchain so it can be checked and can’t be changed.

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