The Lucky Strike
Affiliate Program
A breakthrough way
to monetize your
Revenue share
Yours for Life
Once you’ve attracted a player, they’re tied to your ETH Wallet address forever and you get a cut from each and every bet they make. Forever. Unlimited.
Once a bet is made, revenue is accrued in your ETH Wallet instantly and automatically. You can request it anytime you want.
The Lucky Strike Affiliate Pogram is managed by a Smart Contract, not people. It’s 100% transparent and reliable: no shaving possible.
With the Lucky Strike Affiliate Program you get all the reliability, freedom and anonymity that cryptocurrency provides.
Who’s more venterous than your
crypto-investment audience?
A unique product
This makes players stick around and generate you revenue, increasing your profit with every bet.
Trust powers everything
The ICO, game itself and Affiliate Program are smart contract built.
Constant growth of your monthly income
thanks to the user base you’ve attracted and given opportunity to
Here’s how it works.
During the ICO, 80% of all investments become a bet.
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